Bringing Life to Work

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow; It’s cloud’s illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all.  Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now Problem-solving is a little like cloud watching: You can study a problem from several points of view and still not solve it completely.

Caution, Uncertainty and Opportunity

Following the momentous EU referendum vote on 23 June 2016, the challenges facing the development finance market, which

Safe Bet

Sensationalists would lead you to believe that the recent EU referendum has triggered a collapse in the London property market and that distressed buildings are being transacted at discounted prices. However, interest from overseas buyers remains unabated in London and throughout the UK across a variety of sectors following the June 23rd vote. We have tracked 48

Brexit – Opportunities through Property Asset Management

Brexit has clearly heightened doubts about market prospects, and now that The Prime Minister Theresa May has announced

Groundhog Day

On September 28th, Congress passed a short-term spending bill to extend government funding through December 9th. The stopgap

Emerging Markets on the Upswing?

As is often the case, stock markets sensed a change in affairs long before economists did. Having fallen by 13% over the six months leading up to February 2016, the Russell index of emerging market equity returns has subsequently risen by 17%. This year economic data coming out of emerging markets has slowly but surely

New Lease of Life

Rising home prices, stagnant real wages, and the urbanization of millennials and baby boomers have kept demand for rental units in the U.S. strong and, in turn, rents and occupancy levels at historical highs. More households are staying in the rental market longer due to the high cost of entering into home ownership, compounded by

Taking Stock of Unlisted Funds

According to the recent INREV Fund Termination Survey, 72 institutional real estate funds with gross assets of circa €20 billion will reach maturity between 2016 and 2018. At first glance, this makes for quite dramatic reading, with significant implications for the wider market. However, when you look a little closer, the impacts may not be

Big v Small

In analyzing U.S. office investment opportunities today, are acquisition trends different for large office assets compared with small? Is purchasing volume holding up better for one set vs. the other? And what about pricing? Analysis of office investment trends by asset size helps to characterize what’s going on in the office investment marketplace. Using the

Cracks in the Wall?

Over the past two months, it has become increasingly apparent that maturing CMBS loans are having difficulty in