Will Europe Brush off Political Uncertainty in 2017?

After surprise results in the UK referendum and the U.S. presidential elections and with the number of major elections due, there is a danger that Europe will be all about politics in 2017. Commentators preaching the continuation of the status quo have not had a happy time recently but we are sticking our necks out

The Destruction of Creation

Alabama Shakes is a southern blues band led by Brittany Howard that I recently discovered on Spotify. Ms. Howard’s otherworldly vocals on songs like “Gimme All Your Love” fall somewhere between the immortals Otis Redding and Janis Joplin. On top of that, she shreds a mean guitar on tunes like “The Greatest”. I want more,

Quiet Giants

As the multifamily sector has progressed in this cycle, a few market dynamics have taken center stage: the

A Question of Balance

Hotels’ financial performance depends upon leisure and business travelers having the resources and the comfort level to travel.

Is the Centre of Gravity Changing for the CRE Market?

We recently released the update of our Global Capital Flows App looking at cross-border purchases of commercial real estate (CRE) investments. Over the last year or so some substantial changes in both the sources and destinations of cross-border1 transactions have emerged that show through strongly in the app’s data.   The Rise of Chinese Capital2 One trend

Bond markets finally move: what next for real estate?

As we head into 2017, there is clear evidence that the global economy has picked up. Bond markets are pricing higher inflation, and stock markets are looking forward to earnings growth. Key findings from this issue include: •  Latest data suggest that global economic momentum continues to build. •  Low wage growth and large scale

Pretty Good Year?

The 2017 outlook for the U.S. capital markets—encompassing debt and equity investment activity, pricing and performance, as well as investment strategy—is largely favorable. Acquisitions activity should remain high, if slightly lower than 2016. International capital flows into the U.S. will likely remain very strong, with China again the leading source. Most types of debt capital

2017 and All That…

With commercial real estate (CRE) transaction activity in the Americas and APAC stabilizing in Q3 2016, it is tempting to think that the real estate market is returning to ‘business as usual’. However, there are some economic trends beginning to appear that could alter the status quo… For some considerable time, monetary policy has been

The Window of Opportunity for Easy Profits has Closed

The amount of capital flowing into Asia from outside the region has increased steadily in recent years. From just US$2.5 billion in 2011, inflows grew to US$9.8 billion in 2015 and have remained strong in 2016. It is challenging for investors of all nationalities to source deals in Asia at present given the strong competition

Changing Sources and Strategy

Investors are becoming increasingly risk-off in their approach to Europe. At this point in the cycle, most are willing to accept lower returns rather than move up the risk curve. Geopolitical uncertainty is also making investors more cautious about where they buy. Strategies are changing as quality and liquidity become more important characteristics. The scope