How Close are We to the End of the Current Cycle?

Across all regions, the volume of capital flowing into real estate fell back in Q1 2016. Investors interpreted the market volatility as indicating either an imminent financial crisis in China, or the end of the U.S. economic cycle—or both—and decided to be cautious. Although the current cycle is entering its mature phase in the U.S., our analysis suggests there

The Cycle

On September 8, 1974, millions of eyes around the world were transfixed on the banks of an obscure

Let the Games Begin

Lower prices for oil, minerals and other commodity exports may have weighed heavily on Latin America last year, but confidence is on the up and 2016 is looking like a major turning point for the region. With less than 100 days to go before the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, expectations of moderate economic improvement, more interest from

Bumpy Ride

The opening months of 2016 experienced a bumpy ride. Stock market volatility, a renewed concern of deteriorating global economic health and a revised, slightly less favorable outlook on the U.S. economy added a degree of uncertainty to the commercial real estate capital markets and cooled investment activity from the red hot levels experienced in 2015.

The Economist & The Financier Video: A View On April

This month in An Economist and A Financier CBRE’s Neil Blake and Graham Barnes take a wider view on the sentiment

Measuring the Tide

Bullish or bearish? Inspired or discouraged? Concerned or confident? We asked dozens of our U.S. real estate executives their views on several aspects of the market [1] – and the results are below. We’ll be re-polling the team every 60 days to provide ongoing insight into how our team sees the market trending as the

Should We Worry About a Stalling Recovery?

It’s no secret that the mood has been a bit apprehensive so far this year. After two good

Argentina: Return to the Global Capital Markets

Argentina’s 14-year bond market battle—which began when the nation defaulted on sovereign bonds at the close of 2001—appears to be ending, with Argentina and the final holdout creditors having reached an agreement that puts the country in a position to emerge from the formal default that occurred in July 2014. The completion of this agreement

Hotel, Motel, Airbnb’s In?

Global instability, ‘Brexit’, Airbnb…there is much for the hotel industry to consider in 2016. With this in mind,

Lunch Time

My father was a New York City real estate attorney who worked long hours. He typically left the