Global Capital Into U.S. Doubles in 2015

International acquisitions in U.S. properties remains one of the leading global investment stories of the year. The most dramatic statistic behind the headlines is that in H1 2015 alone, the acquisition volume by cross-border investors reached the full-year 2014 total of $40 billion. The H1 2015 total also represented a doubling of cross-border investment from

‘Tis the Season…to Bring Investment Stock to Market

As has become common in recent years the period after summer holidays (September and October) has been the time when owners have brought properties to the European market, with a view in most cases of getting the sale completed before the end of the year. The result is a strong seasonal trend in the total

An Institutional Grade Investment

It was not that long ago when medical offices and other outpatient clinical uses were considered a non-traditional, opportunistic investment by institutions. It was a difficult product type to underwrite for a number of reasons: many on-campus facilities are subject to long-term ground leases with a hospital; the credit of physician tenants has been questionable;

Loosening the Chains

Regulatory restrictions on foreign property ownership are still a major obstacle for international investors keen to tap into

Feast or Famine?

Although we have spent the last few years lamenting the scarcity of prime office accommodation in Dublin city centre to meet occupier requirements, ironically over the last few months, there has been increased speculation about the potential for oversupply to occur as we approach the end of the decade. Much of this concern is fuelled

Sourcing Stock in a Competitive Market

An almost universal complaint that comes from investors in Europe at the moment is the difficulty that they

The Financier: It Is That Time In The Cycle…Which Time?

The peak of the market was is 2007, some 8 years ago Investment volumes are (very) high Yields

The Economist: UK Economy Hits A Soft Patch But Rental Growth Continues

Before the summer break the obsession was with the Greece crisis and what it might mean for European

Stock Market Gyrations & The Fed

With the Fed’s September FOMC meeting just around the corner, it’s worth a brief consideration whether there’s any chance that it might finally make the first move on U.S. short-term interest rates. At this point, we expect the Fed’s first interest rate tweaks to occur in December, or possibly even 2016. China’s economic malaise and surprise yuan devaluation have been

Latin America Looks Outward

In the world of global real estate capital, Latin America pales in deal volume to the giant Asian, North American, and Western European countries. However, Latin American is playing a much larger role than just a few years ago – in an area which may be surprising – outbound capital. Latin American investors have greatly