Acceleration & Evolution

Last year was an important year for cross-border real estate investing—we saw the deployment of capital accelerate as a convergence of structural and cyclical factors encouraged pockets of new capital to enter the market. This is a key trend we expect will continue into 2015. The second half of 2014 saw Chinese and Taiwanese insurers begin

Opportunities in Office Investments – Go Where the Capital Isn’t

2014 demonstrated that capital is available in abundance from all buyer groups and for all product types. Where is this capital coming from and where is it focused? According to Real Capital Analytics, in 2014 capital was everywhere, buying everything. In 2014, sales volume for all product types in the United States totaled $423.3 billion, a 17% increase from the year

Retailers Bruised from Averted Shutdown of West Coast Ports

As 35 cargo ships reportedly wait to unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the aftermath of the labor dispute at West Coast ports, assessment of the impact on retailers and consumers begins. In short, it appears that retailers will take the brunt of the backlog at the ports, which could

Greece, Wheeling and Dealing, and Kicking the Can Down the Road

Ever since the Greek General Election was called back in December, raising the possibility of a populist left wing government in Athens, there has been heightened anxiety in international markets over a potential Greek debt default and possible exit from the Eurozone. The election took place in late January and the left wing Syriza party

Positivity In The UK, But What About The Rest Of Europe?

In the UK, economic growth seems well established and in UK real estate rental growth is becoming progressively more wide spread and there have been a wide range of positive developments, including the announcement of major office requirements in regional cities. The relative value arguments in favour of real estate have been well worn in

Why This Property Cycle May Still Have a Few Years to Run

Towards the end of last year there was a perceptible feeling that the UK economic recovery, while still

German Logistics — A New Hotspot for Global Investors?

Global investors showed great enthusiasm for German warehouse and logistics properties in 2014, and there is every reason

The U.S. Urban Renaissance and Multifamily

Since the housing bubble bust in 2007, the recovery of U.S. single-family home-building has been patchy, and until very

Capital Advantage

At CBRE Capital Markets, we transform real estate into real advantage by aligning our deep experience across all asset types. We deliver unrivaled knowledge of, and insights about global capital sources. We leverage a complete spectrum of integrated capital services across all asset types and wherever opportunity is found. We connect clients to capital and

“View from the Top” – Investing in Global Cities

CBRE’s chief executive officer and group president, Bob Sulentic, discusses the global economy and the property markets investors are drawn