The Financier: As Capital Enters the European Real Estate Market What Are The Opportunities?

The European real estate market can be generally typified by a surplus of capital seeking opportunities. As shown in the graphic below, this capital is truly international both from within Europe and from North America, Asia and the Middle East. This is being manifested in rising prices and volumes.  The change in pricing of Spanish

The Economist: What The Bond Yield Correction Means For UK Property And A Few Thoughts On Greece

The big news in the last two months has not been the performance of the domestic UK economy but what has been happening on international bond markets. Starting at the beginning of May, the downwards trend in long-term interest rates, evident even before the ECB introduced it, suddenly reversed. This was particularly noticeable in Germany

If You Can’t Buy it, Build it: Asian Capital Drives Next Generation of Prime Core Properties

As market conditions in many of the world’s gateway cities continue to improve, more institutional money is becoming attracted to real estate—particularly to the safety and liquidity found in centrally located core assets. As a result of this, pricing continues to firm and competition remains strong. In a real life illustration of ongoing keen investor appetite,

Large Commercial Loans in New York City

As widely reported in the news media, commercial properties in New York City traded at record high prices and extremely low capitalization rates for most of 2014. In fact, this incredible strength has continued into 2015. Individual Class A assets are regularly trading at prices between $1 billion and $2 billion, with cap rates of

Rebounding U.S. Housing Sector Provides Industrial Tailwind

All of the raw materials and finished goods that contribute to a new home flow through the supply chain and spend some time in an industrial property. The increase in both new home construction and existing sales provide another reason to expect continued strong performance of the U.S. industrial market. The U.S. Commerce Department  recently

Latest PBOC Rate Cut: Economic Growth Slows Further but Hard Landing Remains Unlikely

On May 10, 2015 the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) cut the one-year benchmark lending rate and deposit rate by 25 bps to 5.10% and 2.25%, respectively. The rate cut was the third in less than six months and comes as leading indicators suggest that growth momentum in the world’s second largest economy remains weak.

Reshoring of Auto Production Spurring Growth in U.S. and Mexican Industrial Markets

Mexico and the American South are the primary beneficiaries of automotive reshoring investments, while U.S. logistics hubs in San Antonio, Dallas, Kansas City and Chicago are poised for growth from an anticipated increase in auto distribution demand. On Monday, Volvo Car Corp announced that it would break ground on its first U.S. manufacturing facility, $500

From Boom to Bust to Boom Again

There is nowhere in Europe that demonstrates cyclicality quite like the island of Ireland.  Having experienced a most dramatic economic crash and a CRE downturn of a magnitude not experienced anywhere else in Europe after the global economic downturn in 2008, the Irish economy and commercial real estate market have rebounded significantly over the last

Appetite for Investment

This year’s survey shows that global real estate investors remain confident and their intentions are strongly expansionary. The appetite for cross-regional investment is increasing and more investors intend to deploy capital outside their own region this year. Despite the strong liquidity in the investment market, investors are concerned about the intense competition for assets. Pricing

Countdown to Liftoff

The Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates this year for the first time in nearly a